Old Flickinger Photos

photos by: Kerry Warner: Flickinger factory, Hudson Ohio.

Flickinger list:
Sly Stone (Riot, Fresh,Small Talk, LA)
Ike and Tina Turner (Bolic Sound, LA)
Parliament/Funkadelic (United Sound, Detroit)
Johnny Cash (House of Cash, Nashville)
Wayne Moss (Cinderella Sound, Nashville)
Ray Stevens (Ray Stevens Lab, Nashville)
Singleton Sound (Nashville)
Glaser Brothers, Hillybilly Central (Nashville)
The Sound Pit (Atlanta)
Lefevre Sound (Atlanta)
Paragon Recording Studios (Chicago)
Chicago Recording Company (Chicago)
The Agency Recorders (Cleveland)
Muscle Shoals Sound (Muscle Shoals)
Fame (Muscle Shoals)
The Sound Exchange/Bunky Sound (NYC, original EVENTIDE)
Boston (more than a feeling)
The Association (live sound console)